Twitch 50 follower mark and a Thank You Message.

A Few weeks back I passed the 50 follower mark.

I am very happy that I have reached that goal for this year.  For all that read my blog, that follow up on my blog, my channel on Twitch or not, I want to say thank you for all that you do and your support. I try to work on my blog and add new topics every week.

Recently it’s been very challenging to keep up with everything from real world things with my family,  trying to update my blog and make time to stream … it’s been stressful. It’s not easy to keep up with everything and I try my best to work as much I can.  I know I’ll be working long and hard to update the website. At some point I’ll be making an update with a new theme as soon as I can get around to it.

Though I don’t get a lot of support and I am managing everything on my own.  Its been very hard somehow my mom has now pushed the idea to start moving to a new home this year.  I am not sure I’m ready, personally I rather move to my own place than spend more time living with my mom. I’m exhausted! Very exhausted from helping my mom.  I can’t express just how much I can’t take it anymore, I want to move on with my life and make new relationships and new friends out in the real world! NO! I have to help her because my brother won’t do shit to help me! I been doing a lot at home assisting my mom to the best of my ability. In May my mom is having surgery on her left leg so that’s going take more time away from what I’m trying to do with my Twitch channel as a streamer and as a writer.

Tomorrow, I am going to stream Thursday, April 12th which is today.  If you guys want to support me you can come to my channel and watch me streams @ or tip me on my PayPal at  The tips are voluntary and you guys don’t have to tip me only if you want to, all the generosity is appreciated. Thanks for reading my blog and I know it’s a very long blog. I do intend to write long blogs. Once I start I never stop writing. 🙂

Again, I don’t intend to write this blog to make this post seem depressing and make anyone feel bad for me and what my life has been and why not. I had to get my emotions out somehow and for the last few months hasn’t been smooth at all and I’ve been very depressed. I’ve been looking for work somehow it’s been no luck and this month I’ll have to actively get back to the job search before my mom’s surgery on May 11th.

P.S Guys!  I got around to writing about the Facebook hearings on my recent blog for anyone interested please check it out.  Peace everyone!