Thoughts on this surreal Facebook Hearing! (Delete Your Facebook account)

Hearing on Capitol Hill

Yesterday’s hearing was a very long one. It was close to four or five hours – I don’t remember exactly the time frame but I have to say there was a lot of grilling on Capitol Hill.  Somehow I honestly can’t believe that I stayed with that entire hearing on Bloomberg TV.  It wasn’t so pleasant to sit through, but I wanted to point out many hilarious things that I clearly picked up on.

I don’t remember every single word that was in the hearing yesterday afternoon, but I can tell you that so many of the comments were so clueless about how Facebook works!  I know Mark responded to questions in a very mannerly way throughout the entire ordeal without emotion – it was so scary to see that.  As for Mark, he’s not innocent!  Mark kept dodging question after question from the 40 Senators for almost the whole time.  Yesterday’s meeting started around  2:15pm after he arrived on Capitol Hill.

I focused the most on the first 2-hr hearing. After that, everyone had to recharge their battery including Facebook Robot Overlord Mark Sucker-Borg. Not once did he break down in a sweat. I swear he’s not even human! He was going around in circles throughout all the questions from the Senators.  Even I ranted how much he was lying in the meeting. I’m sure he’ll continue to voice many more apologies, but to me I don’t buy the apology approach. This data breach should never have happened or continued on – and here we are 3 years later.

Mack Zuckerborg mentioned implementing new rules on the website and verifying 3rd-party developers and being more careful about what apps can be published on Facebook.  He stated that third-party developers aren’t supposed to collect data from Facebook users. I question this because Facebook itself has always and continues to collect information on every Facebook user. Hypocritical much?!

This is beyond the scope of the hearing, but I read that Facebook has collected  information on people outside of their website and NO private company should be given that amount of power. Facebook needs to conduct thorough surveillance of its own website! IT IS OUTRAGEOUS!  I remember feeling really creeped out when I heard Facebook halted plans to collect medical records among users. Have a look at the article released days after the Cambridge Analytica news went viral:–3228888.html

Yesterday’s speech was almost 5 hours long. One of the things I liked most was Senator John Neely Kennedy’s five minute speech with Zuckerberg. I agree with the Senator 100%. Facebook’s user agreement SUCKS!

John Neely Kennedy’s Speech

Today, Mark Zuckerberg is still being questioned back on Capitol Hill about Facebook data use. I’ll be keeping everyone up-to-date in part 2. Stay tuned!